Hurricane Irma Photos

Here are just a few of the many wonderful posts by our community members on Facebook after Hurricane Irma. 

Erica D - Guys! No power. Anywhere. But Chris Scott at Belleair Market fired up his grill and fed so many friends and neighbors. I heard he was at the grill 8+ hours! I had a delicious gyro w/ tzatziki and the kids had grilled chicken sandwiches! All in the dark! Thank you. Thank you! That's what it's all about! 
Ryan C - The "IRMA" award however goes to Chris Scott & the Belleair Market for giving everyone a great sense of community during a tough time and making sure everyone had a cold drink and something to eat!
Andrea T  =  You have all been amazing thank you for being open and cooking in that heat we appreciated the warm breakfast after coming back from being evacuated when everything was closed 
Blythe E . . .Thank you for everything Chris & Julie and all the amazing people that came in and shed the best light to the days after the storm!! Love and thanks to you all! 

Terry A...  you made many people deliriously happy the last few days!! Thank YOU!

Marsha U ...Yes. Every time I went by they were out there serving. What a nice bunch of people.
Michelle O Thanks to you all for being there for everyone who needed you
Devin P ...Your team at Belleair Market are truly amazing to our community. Thank you so much for all you do.
Gary F...  Yes very good people running the shop. Well appreciated in the community. A big thank you goes out to the owners and staff.

Jenn... Chris, I just want to start by saying that I know EXACTLY why your Market was Mom’s favorite! The sense of community and the amazing way those girls brought kindness and smiles to all you did to help others within Belleair during the scary start to the aftermath of Irma, was so wonderful! Your family has been there through the loss of my mother, the gain of the property and the friendship of community- THIS is Belleair!! Thanks again for everything you did from bagging ice to feeding us when you had not even checked on you own property.. truly an amazing family you have! This will not go un-noticed and you will have my friendship and patrinoiige for many years to come!! I hope that you came out of this storm without major damage and if there is anything I can do to help out in any way, please let me know. I am back in Indiana until the 21st and then I will be back in town for 10 more days. Take care and sending my kindest regards! 

Hi Jules / Chris 🙂
Wanted to thank you two again for all you did during the hurricane opening the market daily, cooking all that food, and logging all those long hours. ⌛ You two worked your tails off and helped a lot of folks. I imagine you sold out of your inventory which isn't a bad thing but an awful lot of work y'all put in and we are grateful. ❗ Many Blessings ✨His Peace 💫 🕊 - Mark K & family
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