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From creating your own 6 pack of different craft beers to a cigar or wine basket....We have so many unique gifts to choose from.  Just give us 24-48 to have something personalized for you.

Glass Blocks   $25

What a great gift idea!  Create whatever picture you would like on a lit up glass block.  Add a dimmer switch to make a perfect night light for your little one. 

Inspiration Cigar Boxes   $15

Great gift idea or something to have for yourself. Use it as a place for your extra change, your favorite shells, receipts, pencils or just to put your memories in it. And for only $5 more, we can put your favorite photo on the front of the box 

Fancy Wine Gift Bag with Metal Handle

This is Corki...our wine bottle cork  $6.59

or even add an ornament to attach to your wine bottle for that little extra something.  Ornaments are $8.99 

Hand Painted Wine Glasses   $8.99

We have hand painted wine glasses for all occasions.   

Silver Ashtray   $12.99

Beautiful tabletop ashtray

Silver Ashtray / Cupholder   $19.99

This is two in one.  A cup for your cup holder with an ashtray attached.  

Distressed Ashtray   $29.99

This ashtray will look great anywhere in the house.  

Wine Bottle Ornaments   $8.99

Pick out an ornament already painted or have us custom make you one.  Please give us 48 hour notice.  Buy a bottle of wine and hang your ornament on it.  This will dress up the bottle you are bringing to the party.  

Create your own 6 pack  (price varies depending on what beers you choose)

This is the best gift yet for those who love beer.  You can grab a Santa 6 pack holder and pick out different craft beers from our 375 craft beer selection.  Not many places let you do this so come on in and see for yourself.  

Case of Duckhorn Napa Valley Cabernet  $360.00 - SOLD OUT with wood box - can buy separately

WOW!  Great wine in a beautiful wooden case.  Buy it by the case or single bottle.   

Cigars  (prices range from $1.99 - $29.99)

We have a HUGE walk in humidor with a wide variety of cigars. Pick out a few or ask us to pick out a few good ones to put in one of our Christmas tins.  If you love cigars than this is the place to be.

Wine Accessories

These are perfect gifts to add to the wine  bottle that you will be bringing to the Christmas party.  A hat and scarf for the wine bottle or a Bruce or Corki wine bottle cork.  We also have much more items so come on in a see for yourself.

Cookies for Santa Plates    $12.99

Looking for a plate for Santa's cookies?  Look no further. Hand painted by Julie.  She can even personalize them if you give her 48 hours  

Wine Gift Bags

If you are buying wine as a gift, don't forget to grab one of our wine gift bags. 

Cookies for Santa  $3.50

Nicely packaged homemade cookies.  Buy separately or add to one of our cookies for Santa plates 
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